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My commissions are open !!!!
I'm drawing in semi-realistic style, using a variety of brushes and textures, creating a traditional feel to the digital painting. 

I draw mostly anything, except probably very complicated mecha desing and hardcore gore. You can always write to me and ask! :) (Smile) 
I draw group pictures and pairings! 
Please, read the whole journal! Thanks! :) (Smile)

For pairings and group drawings the price is multiplying by the number of characters on the pic.
You're getting your commissioned pieces in full resolution.
(Around 6000x4500px, 300dpi)

Here are the categories:

Bullet; Red Digital Portrait - 20$ per character

Macbeth by BakaHoshi 
Portrait Commisson by BakaHoshi  Iwan Rheon by BakaHoshi  Mr. Robot by BakaHoshi   

Bullet; Red Pet /Animal / Creature Digital Portrait - 16$ per character

Commission_Dog by BakaHoshi  Com_Oz by BakaHoshi

(reference photos required)

Bullet; Red Digital Torso-up: 24$ per character

Fire and Blood by BakaHoshi  Stay Close To me by BakaHoshi Commission_Alaric by BakaHoshi  Sansa by BakaHoshi  Knight by BakaHoshi  Com_Teysa by BakaHoshi

~ For a background you have to pay additional 6 dollars. 

Bullet; Red Digital Full body: 33$ per character

Underwater by BakaHoshi Thief by BakaHoshi
  Trandomir by BakaHoshi  Overwatch_Mercy by BakaHoshi 
~ For a background you have to pay additional 10 dollars. 

Bullet; Red OTP/Couple Digital Color - 15$ for 2 characters (Simple Style)

Two characters, simple lines, base colors with simple shading, you can choose the pose, clothes, mood, ect.! (can do nsfw eventyally)

Bullet; Red Chibi - 5$ per character (9$ for a Pairing)

You get a cute digitaly colored chibi with  transparent background. :) (Smile)

Bullet; Red Digital Landscape/Environment : 20-40price depends on the complicity of the piece you want

On the road by BakaHoshi Swamp by BakaHoshi Wind Tavern by BakaHoshi Landscape Com_Island by BakaHoshi Firebreather by BakaHoshi

Bullet; Red

I'm using PayPal only! Usually I prefer the commissioner sending half of the payment up front, then I'll start working and send a rough sketch (if the commissioner doesn't like it, I'm doing new one till we pick something that suit his/her taste). After that I'll start coloring and then send a preview file. If the commissioner is happy with the result, he/she has to send me the other part of the payment. Then I'll send the finished piece (Around 6000x4500px, 300dpi). 

Bullet; Red

Send me NOTES or write to me at with your refs, descriptions and questions! Feel free to ask me anything about the commissions!
:D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin):D (Big Grin) 
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